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Santa Fe Trip - New Mexico Museum of Art

Jonah and I took a little side trip to the New Mexico Museum of Art to get out of the heat and to enjoy some contemplative study of fine art.

I was charmed by the extra long ristras in the courtyard.

The courtyard had some great art in it as well. The stone fountain was at a scale that I thought worked well as a central focal point.

This painting was really tall. There is a lot I like about this one, the use of contrast to express depth is masterful. Gerald Cassidy (1879-1934)

This painting is amazing. The medium is leaves, twigs, grass and other wonderful things. Pansy Stockton (1895-1972)

This is perhaps my favorite painting in the museum. Beautiful and in my view whimsical photo-realist painting. Jonah noted that each hair is its own brush stroke. Tom Palmore (b. 1945)

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